Life can be overwhelming. Unexpected changes and challenges, paralyzing fears, disappointment, sadness, and anger can obscure your basic wisdom and sap your strength. There is help.

You don’t have to struggle in silence, alone. There are many ways to get help. Classes, community offerings, counseling, coaching … there are many paths to help you get to where you want to be.

When you feel stuck or in a deep hole you aren’t able to get out of counseling can help. Counseling is a gift to give yourself to help you get your bearings.  With a counselor you can tap into your values to guide you to build on your strengths to overcome trauma and face major life transitions with grace. Grief and loss, learned patterns of anxiety, and problematic ways of relating to self and others can all be addressed in counseling. Together you will discover authentic ways to meet fears, sadness, anger, and isolation skillfully.

When you have a mountain to climb mindfulness-based coaching can help you to awaken to the wisdom of calmness and compassion. Whether your goals are to parent heartfully, meet life and work demands with balance, or stretch yourself to manifest your dreams; getting support can help you become more mindful, more compassionate, think creatively, overcome obstacles, and be held accountable each step of the way.

I especially love helping parents who want to parent their children in a peaceful, empowering way. Many parents were not parented in peaceful ways themselves. Become aware of your fears, deactivate your triggers, and learn peaceful parenting techniques so you can show up peacefully for your kids.

In collaboration with the many talented independent practitioners at the Resiliency Center located in Flourtown, PA, just outside Philadelphia, community offerings include regular meditation sittings weekly, mindfulness meditation classes, sound meditation, writer’s workshops, self-compassion therapy groups, groups for teens, parenting workshops, The Greater Philadelphia Holistic Parents Meetup, a knitting circle,  poetry readings, Qigong, and many other offerings. Reach out and make new connections in community.

Unsure if you need counseling, a class, coaching, or something else entirely? I offer a free telephone consult to help you clarify  your needs and help you explore the many paths of support that exist to help you on your life’s journey.